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A Doctor Who Prescribes Spirituality

Dr Sunny Kaur sees Sikhism as a way of life. This Punjabi kudi is a doctor who specialists in motivating people to bring down self-created walls of hatred and push for oneness of humanity .Born into a Delhi-based Sikh family, Dr Sunny Kaur completed her MBBS degree from DY Patil Medical College, Mumbai, as this is what her father wanted her to do.She had always wanted to become a criminal lawyer.

After completing her postgraduation in hospital and healthcare management from Symbiosis Centre of Healthcare, Pune, Sunny chose to move to Singapore in 2004. This is when her spiritual thoughts began to take wing. She began giving motivational lectures, touching people’s heart and souls with her spiritual talk.

She says she was always spiritually inclined. “At the age of 4 plus, I was writing poems and quotes that could inspire and uplift people.Whether it’s my talks or my writings, it all comes from my soul. I didn’t have to think or plan to be a motivational speaker or a writer.“

Sunny says her aim is to reach out to as many humans as possible as we are only divided by illusionary geographical demarcations and religions. “I feel I’m a global citizen…. We are all unique and nobody is superior or inferior or better or good!“ Sikhism has strongly influenced her thinking. But she sees Sikhism as a spiritual way of life, not a religion.She strongly feels that all her words and writings are derived from the Sikh Gurus.

Barring Delhi, she has not conducted any spiritual talks in India, but would love to cover Punjab given a chance.

Sunny points out that wars, stress, diseases, depression, fights, jealousy, poverty, harassment, crime and drugs are all an outcome the dearth of true love and peace. And spiritualism is the only thing that can bring us together in peace, love and absolute harmony .

Resourced From : Times Of India,Chandigarh 


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