Dr. Sunny Kaur


I would like each one of us to be human enough and touch upon each other’s hearts and souls while being on our individual journeys here. Our prime religion is One Humanity, where an individual lives by the soul, reaching higher levels of spiritual awakening and feeling oneness with the supreme divine consciousness, thereby living a meaningful and incredibly sensible life. Let us all connect to our source and enrich this resource day-by-day as we travel through this spiritual journey in our mortal forms. Let us rise, shine, ascend, elate and exalt to spiritual heights. We should not ignore or forget our very creative source. Let us try to banish all fake and artificiality and adorn our lives by being our real selves, our true nature. Our Divine Creator never betrays us or leaves us even for a moment. So why disconnect from this magical, marvelous and miraculous source even for a second?

Keep shining and smiling.
Divine love and light,
Dr Sunny Kaur

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