Brass Tibtean Bell – Size 7.5″

$ 47.78

•Great product made up of Brass and crafted by hand.
•Bell and Dorje together are used for rituals and meditation.
•Represent blending of wisdom and action a foundation of Tibetan Buddhism.
•Helps in cutting through ignorance and achieving enlightenment.
•Height : 19 cm , Width : 11 cm ,Weight : 550 gram (Approx)


•Hand made Bell & Dorje which is a Buddhist Meditation Bell.
•These are handmade meditation bells, known as the Bell and Dorje.
•These are made in Nepal and are crafted by hand.
•In Tibetan Buddhism, the Bell and Dorje are used together during rituals and meditation.
•The Bell and Dorje, when joined together in ritual, represent the blending of wisdom and action, a foundation of Tibetan Buddhism.
•when you purchase a bell and Dorje from us, we hand pick the best one available and send it to you.

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