Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp – Pyramid Shape – 2 Kg Approx

$ 47.78

• Salt Lamp is carved from Natural Rock Salt around 2 million years old with infinitive benefits.
• HOW SALT LAMPS WORK : Salt absorbs water vapors from the atmosphere, this process is called hygroscopic. In the process negative ions are produced. The bacteria, virus are positively charged and negative ions generated from the lamp neutralize them.
• BENEFITS OF A SALT LAMP: Keeping a salt lamp in your bedroom promotes sound sleep. Purifies & Deodorizes the Air. Neutralizes Electromagnetic Radiation.
• PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 Himalayan Salt Lamp with 1 Power Cable (with Bulb Holder and Leads) and 1 Bulb 15W.
• SHAPE: Hand-carved Pyramid Shape DIMENSIONS: Height : 15-18 cm Width 10-12 cm WEIGHT: 2-4 KG (Approx)


• Place the Salt Lamp in every room, along bed sides, study tables, side tables or your office tables.
• It is a natural process for the salt lamp to absorb moisture from the atmosphere and give out water. So don’t place the lamp on electronic equipment. Best is to place a plate under the lamp to collect the water. Legal Disclaimer
• Note : (Weeping of a Salt Lamp): Salt attracts water vapours from the atmosphere (Hygroscopic). Hence, during humid weather, tiny droplets of water might be seen on the surface of this product. This is a proof of genuine rock salt product. This does not degrade the quality or decrease the life of your Salt Lamp and should not be considered a reason for complaint or return.
• Note2: The Salt Lamps are carved from natural salt rocks millions of years old. They all vary in colour and texture. Their colour vary from light pink to dark pink so each and every pc is unique.

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