Natural Selenite Tower Energy Infused

$ 33.45

• Selenite crystals work to help you to bring light down from the higher realms into the physical body, to create personal transformation.
• Selenite Stone Of Love & Balance – Peace – Angels – Skeleton System.
• Mineral – Hydrated Colcium Sulfate.
• Crown & All Chakra Stone.
• Acalming stone and brings deep peace.
• It protects ones interest from outside influences.
• Helpful in creating connections with angelic realm.
• Wonderful for boosting self esteem and self confidence.
• Helpful in cancer, epilepsy, hair loss.
• Lithotherapy (Stone Therapy) Value of Selenite: According to Energy Healers & Metaphysical Practitioners, Selenite removes energy blocks, particularly from the physical and etheric bodies.
• It can also remove energy blocks in the bodies of other crystals and stones.

• Disclaimer – The information provided is based on individual experience and should not be treated as medical advice. Inadvertent use of it will not be our responsibility.



  • This Selenite Tower is 4 inches tall & is a must-have for any crystal and gemstone lover’s collection! Not only is it gorgeous in its white, transparent glow but this crystal really can do wonders in the energy department.
  • It’s great for clearing and purifying auras & environments, so we recommend placing it in popular/high traffic areas of your home or office.
  • We use this powerful stone constantly – whether it’s sticking a piece under our pillows at night, under our feet at our work desks, or using it while we mediate! It helps us calm our mind and become neutrally clear and focused.
  • The powerful vibration of Selenite can clear and realign the Crown & Third Eye Chakras making it an excellent crystal for all types of meditation and spiritual work!
  • 100% Authentic,Original and Natural Healing Stone / Crystal – small holes, crack marks on the surface or inside the stones are often visible.

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