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By the Divine loving grace I’m launching this series of “Soulful Quotes To Live By” in the form of an ebook. This is a very sincere and dedicated effort, to help uplift and motivate global humanity!

I write inspirational articles, quotes and poems on a daily basis. Therefore, this series would be a regular part of Soulful Connexions’ vision and mission! This series will provide a constant booster and impact universal humanity in a highly positive and vibrational manner. With your best wishes and support, I’m launching the volume 1 of Soulful Connexions To Live By. Hoping to receive your precious blessings and overwhelming generosity now and always. Thank you and stay blessed forever…

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Dr Sunny Kaur is a naturally gifted poet, spontaneous and remarkable speaker and a profound writer. She is born with immense mystical talents of spiritualism and soulfulness. She possesses innate values with ‘Spirituality’ as her core valuable aspect of her life. Spirituality and soulfulness come to her naturally with spontaneity. To share these blessings with humanity, Dr Sunny Kaur founded Soulful Connexions private limited, in 2014, a global venture to impact the whole of humanity in an immensely positive way. She considers herself a Global Citizen of Divine Love, Light & Peace! She is an intuitive spiritual mentor, advisor, counselor, an inspirational & motivational speaker, a truly gifted spiritual catalyst across the globe.

Born & brought up in New Delhi, professionally Dr Sunny Kaur is a medical doctor with a postgraduate degree in hospital & healthcare management. She loves to help people with her professional degrees too. Apart from supporting & helping people, being a general physician, Dr Sunny Kaur has a marked experience of medical advising to pharmaceutical companies.

Dr Sunny Kaur wishes and desires to relate to and touch upon as much humanity as she possibly can in her lifetime! She truly believes that no demarcations and no boundaries can ever spoil or erase the divine oneness of humanity. She brings with herself a strong positive force that can mystically guide and advise anyone in need. Such impactful souls are rare. Dr Kaur’s work is commendable as she divinely makes a mark in the lives of everyone crossing her path.

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